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This is to certify that the following apparatus or electric supply lines are placed in
position, properly joined, duly completed and tested and ready for
1. Name of the Installations
2. Name of the Owner
3. Details of the Equipment/apparatus
4. Details of the Tests Conducted
5. Name & License Details of the
Electrical Contractor
6. Name & License Details of the
Electrical Supervisor
The above work has been done as per the provisions of Central Electricity
(Measures Relating to Safety and Electric Supply), Regulations, 2010 made under
section 53 of the Electricity Act 2003 and is
carried out by the Licensed Electrical
Contractor under the direct supervision of a person holding a Certificate of Competency
and by the persons holding Work Permit.
Signature of Electrical Contractor Signature of Owner
Work Completion Certificate Template2
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