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Professor P. A. Johnson
Head of Economics Department,
Vice Principal of Bhavan’s College
Munshi Nagar, Andheri (West)
Mumbai 400-054.
( Off: 5696 4930
Recommendation Letter
Anitha Ramaswamy has requested me to write her a letter of recommendation.
Every year, I am approached by several dozens of students who request a
recommendation letter. However, I end up recommending only a few of them. I
believe that a letter of recommendation is very serious business. I write one, only
when I am convinced that the candidate is right for the program that she is
applying for.
It gives me immense pleasure in recommending Anitha Ramaswamy for the PG
program at your university. I have known her for more then 3 years in my
capacity as a senior lecturer of the Department of Economics. During her 3
I was her Professor for Advanced Economic Theory and Growth Development
and Planning.
I have come across many students with a sharp understanding and knowledge of
Economics, It is the rare student who is able to develop a multi-dimensional
perspective of the course of economics, Anitha Ramaswamy is one such rare
student. She had developed a conceptual understanding of a fact-based subject
like Economics.
Her Project Titled Yokogawa Blue Star Private Limited was among the few best
projects carried out in the Department.
She has shown the motivation, intelligence, preserving nature and analytical
aptitude for graduate study. Her attendance and her presence of mind has been
a key part of her study program that has helped her to contribute positively while
working as a part of the team.
In my view, Ms Anitha Ramaswamy compares favorably with the best among my
student. I am sure, she will make an outstanding performance at her PG studies.
I recommend her in the strongest term for admission to PG program at your
Yours Sincerely,
Writing A Reference Letter For A Teacher
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