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Student Weekly Schedule Template

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This document is a student weekly schedule template created by a school. A student weekly schedule is commonly used to record a student's information such as his/her assignments deadlines, exams due dates, presentation date, group meetings and other relevant events. It can be used as a reminder for a student to check his/her studying progress so that to improve his/her studying efficiency and quality. Anyone who is interested in this file can download it from our website.

Weekly Assignment Calendar Template

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You can find a weekly assignment calendar template here. This document is commonly used in secondary school and high school for students to record their assignments. As the template shows, a weekly assignment calendar consists of two main parts: date and assignment. You can specify your assignment of different class subjects on different dates, which is more clear and convenient for you to check your studying progress. You can use this template to create your weekly assignment plan.

Weekly Schedule Template

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The weekly schedule template is used to record what you want to do or your arrangements in a week. It also can be used to check what you have done in the past week. Different with a daily planner, the weekly schedule could record your planning events for the whole week. For businessmen and office workers, you may have a number of arrangements in a week, using a weekly schedule template could help you to arrange your time and events appropriately. This file can be used to create your weekly schedule.

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